Success Stories

Anne has been fantastic over the last seven months, offering face to face and email support for debilitating stomach problems and persistent rosacea. After many years of relying on convenient, ready-made meals my stomach became painful and my skin started to suffer. Following numerous unsuccessful visits to the local GP who diagnosed IBS and prescribed antibiotics I’m so glad to have found Anne’s holistic approach that deals not only with the physical symptoms to find out the cause, but the emotional and psychological causes. I realised how emotions have a profound effect.
Simply put, Anne has joined the dots for me.

Within four weeks of starting the recommended diet my rosacea cleared and my stomach pain has dramatically declined. I’m looking forward to completing my treatment and making a full recovery in the next few months. Thank you Anne

Rosacea – Victoria

I have been helped greatly by the knowledgeable advice given to me by Dr Anne Harris. I am 75 years old and have suffered from diverticular disease for a number of years. This became much more of a problem as a result of a stressful family situation recently and I felt it imperative to seek help.

The GAPS diet was explained to me in detail by Anne, I have followed it for some months now and the symptoms have virtually gone. It has been an effort, especially at the beginning, but the results are proving to be very much worth it. Any questions or worries I have had along the way have been patiently dealt with by Anne by telephone or email. My last consultation is approaching rapidly and I am hopeful that my diet can be more relaxed without detriment to my health, my gut having healed itself.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Kenneth

Anne made me feel relaxed and took time to listen to my skin problems. The diet Anne gave me was related to ‘leaky gut’ problems, so the food I now take has contributed to reducing my psoriasis within just a few weeks. My advice is to speak to Anne as well as your doctor. I am very pleased I met Anne.

Psoriasis – Gubby

I worked with Anne to help me with my life long sugar addiction! Whilst I am generally fir and healthy, I recognised my unhealthy consumption of sugar was something I wanted to change, and despite several attempts to stop eating sugar, I realised I wasn’t going to do it by myself. From the first coaching session with Anne, her affect has been quite amazing. She has coached and educated me to understand the physiological and psychological affects of sugar, and also to understand more about the politics of food. This in turn has helped me to become more aware and conscious about my food choices. As a result I no longer ride the sugar roller-coaster and have a better understanding of my body’s nutritional needs. I have discovered that I was lacking in certain micro-nutrients and ‘good’ fats.

So with Anne’s guidance now eat a more balanced diet where I have much more stable blood sugar levels. I haven’t given up processed sugar entirely but I now have a cake or chocolate as a treat rather than an every day necessity! I would highly recommend Anne for anyone who wants to understand more about nutrition and improve their health through better food choices.

Weight /sugar addiction – Lisa

I have have seen Anne for a number of sessions of EFT. Having had a serious illness for years and wanting to take control of my health, I originally approached Anne for her guidance as a nutritionist. After an initial chat where I was able to open up to her about my difficulties, she suggested trying EFT to help to reduce the negative emotions which have stemmed from my illness. I will admit that I was initially sceptical that it would work on me, but I approached it with an open mind and I can honestly say that I have experienced brilliant results.

Anne used EFT on my negative emotions of anger, sadness, guilt, and anxiety, resulting in instant relief. At end of each session I rated these emotions and was amazed to find that they had greatly reduced. We dealt with specific memories of incidents which had been distressing. These became less distressing and some memories no longer bothered me at all. I came away from each session feeling calm, more positive, and more accepting of myself and my life situation. I began to sleep better and noticed positive effects on my physical health, including reduced pain and nausea. Anne has taught me how to carry out EFT on myself and I can now use this technique at times when I am feeling overwhelmed to take control of my emotions.

Anne is warm, sensitive and trustworthy, and makes you feel completely at ease. She was able to get to the core of my issues, and I came away with new insights into why I behave and react to things as I do. I am so grateful for her help and support and would highly recommend her to others.

Emotional Freedom Techniques - Nikki

Anne Harris has been delivering a weight loss and energy class for a number of months now and I must say she is amazing! The results and insights that she supports people to reach are so powerful. Her truly holistic and individualised approach has been great to experience, as has her exceptional expertise in EFL- Emotional Freedom Therapy.

I have seen few practitioners rival her level of skill with EFT, and it is incorporated beautifully into the course. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to lose weight, increase their energy, or let go of old unhelpful thought processes. She is a very highly skilled facilitator for all kinds of empowering solutions for personal development and wellbeing.

Weight Loss at Circles Network Rugby–( group weight loss)